Magic Leap Tantalizes with New Website

As a chronic insomniac, scrolling through my twitter feed in the early hours of this morning, I was awake and intrigued. I clicked the link immediately and was faced with a single page:

Magic Leap is one of those companies who gently tease you with information. They give you things to look at that don’t make much sense, or do make sense but only if you are drunk at the time.

Their last website featured a whale bursting through a gymnasium floor and crashing back through it with a huge splash. The next video was a pair of cupped hands opening to reveal a tiny pink elephant that floated upwards. Then there were Rony’s long blogs that trailed around an idea but never quite revealed what that idea was.

Suffice to say, that Magic Leap is using AR, or mixed reality as they prefer to call it, to challenge our perceptions of reality itself. The question, though, is how?

According to Engadget, Magic Leap is experimenting with light-bending nanoparticles and drawing on the iridescence that colours peacocks and butterflies as inspiration for tech that could lead to holograms and invisibility cloaks. Magic Leap have said nothing about this themselves, though.

Futurism reported that a patent filed by Magic Leap in 2015 had been made public, suggesting that they are working on a pair of glasses, yet Julia Gaynor, spokesperson for Magic Leap warned that they file lots of patents that take a long time to be approved and this one does not reflect what they are working on.

The mystery deepens.

For now, this secretive start-up, yet to produce anything tangible in spite of their huge piles of funding, is still holding all the cards and their new website underlines that point. It is plain, barely 3 pages and says nothing of what they are up to – even less than those long spiralling blogs did.

But not to be disappointed, Tech Crunch reports that redditors are already starting to unlock some of the mysteries of this sparse site. And it’s all about the 404 page…

To me this suggests that Magic Leap are enjoying playing with us for a little while longer before their big reveal. Placing puzzles and easter eggs on a 404 page is like saying there’s nothing here – or there is, you just don’t understand it yet.

I for one hope the redditors get their skates on and figure out the meaning of all those easter eggs. I’m at peak curiosity and don’t think I will hold on much longer… I mean, anything could be about to happen.