An IKEA Range With a Difference

IKEA have created a new range of furniture. It is soft, compact, easy to clean and integrate with your current set. Actually, it looks a lot like the rest of the IKEA catalogue with their distinctive minimalistic style, bright colours and sensible ideas. So what’s new? The LURVIG range is specifically for your pets.

With 8.5 million dogs and 8 million cats at the last estimation by PFMA, there is certainly a growing market for pets. In 2015, Brits spent a record-breaking total of £7.16bn a trend that has grown 25% since 2010. And I would wager that spending is set to increase.

But as homes get gradually smaller, IKEA is ahead of the curve in providing flexible living solutions. If we need to live in multifunctional spaces, then so do our pets. This is where the IKEA team have used their ingenuity to create new designs that suit both pets and owners.

Cats are big fans of small enclosed spaces with a good view out to keep an eye on their owners staff. This is why they so often leap up onto shelves wreaking havoc in the house. IKEA have an elegant compromise: integrate a cat hidey-hole into your Kallax shelving unit. From here they can survey their territory while your books and ornaments stay safe.

Dogs are more interested in the occupation of the sofa. It’s where you sit, so surely it should be where they sit? Well… wouldn’t it be better if you could both sit on your own sofas? IKEA have created a rather gorgeous miniature sofa, perfect for canine pals. And, like so many IKEA sofas, this one also has a fold out pad making it a true sofa bed!

The LURVIG range is a wonderful marriage of practicality and style. It does the job and looks the part. Though it is only available in the US for now, I am looking forward to it arriving in the UK.

I suppose I’ll have to get a cat then…